Baccarat Jackpots

Believe it or not, progressive baccarat jackpots exist. Although they are not something that you would ever find in a brick and mortar casino, the flexibility and innovativeness of the internet means that you can find them online.

While not too many online casinos offer them, the continuing popularity of online baccarat means that they may become more widespread in the future.

As it would be nearly impossible, given the rules of baccarat, to integrate a progressive jackpot into the normal course of the game, software designers added it as a separate side bet. This way, players can choose whether or not they want to contribute to the jackpot and have a chance at winning it, or just play the game as they normally would.

Online Baccarat Jackpots

Given every developer’s desire to innovate and add new and exciting gaming features to their software, it is likely that many software companies have looked at integrating a jackpot into baccarat. However, as of now, only one online casino software company has had success: Playtech.

The Playtech baccarat jackpot is offered through a side bet so that the normal course of the game is in no way affected by the jackpot. Players can of course just play baccarat normally without trying for the jackpot, or they could place an additional bet which would make them eligible to win the jackpot. This jackpot has typically been won somewhere between £15,000 and £75,000.

Placing the special side bet gives the player a chance to win various prizes based on certain specific combinations of cards which come up during the course of the normal game. The side bet can pay off as little as 10x the bet and as high as 10,000x the bet, with the progressive jackpot being triggered if both the dealer and the player have identical hands of suited Aces and Eights.