Credit Cards Casino Guide

In the UK alone, there are more than 3 credit cards for every one person, and credit card sales topped out at more than £60 billion last year. The popularity of credit cards is undeniable, which also makes them one of the most common methods of making online UK casino deposits. The convenience and safety of credit cards have led to their rise in popularity. Payments made by credit card are processed instantaneously, while the fact that cards are not linked to bank account and easily tracked gives them a level of security not found with other payment methods.

Using more than one credit card also allows players to spread payments across different cards, keeping interest rates and payments small. One word of warning: credit cards allow you to spend money that you don’t actually have at the moment but will be required to pay back in the future. It is vital to keep this in mind and keep your spending and casino deposits manageable and within your budget.

The Advantage of UK-Based Cards

MasterCard, the largest issuer of credit cards in the UK, only allows casinos to credit withdrawal money back to a MasterCard if it was issued by a bank in the United Kingdom. While an advantage for players based in Britain, international players will need to make withdrawals using another method such as an e-wallet. British cardholders also benefit from protection under the Consumer Credit Act.

Under Section 75 of this Act, in the rare event that an online casino goes bankrupt or is otherwise unable to issue a payment, players who used a credit card are able to claim a refund of as much as £30,000. By choosing a reputable UK online casino, hopefully you will never have to take advantage of this law.

Fees for Using Credit Cards at Casinos

Unfortunately, not all businesses are keen on having their customers play at an online casino. Consequently, some banks and credit card issuers do not treat deposits at an online casino as purchases. Instead they consider these transactions to be cash advances, as if you had withdrawn money from your credit card at a cashpoint.

Cash advances generally have higher interest rates and other additional fees that regular credit card purchases do not.

But it’s always best to spent 30 seconds with your credit card issuer to see if they do charge and if so and how much. research shows that the following credit card issuers charge higher rates:

  • Santander
  • Halifax
  • Barclays
  • NatWest
  • Nationwide
  • RBS