Ukash Casino Guide

Ukash is a totally unique payment method which is considered to be the most secure and private way to deposit money at an online casino. Instead of being an e-wallet, credit card or bank account, Ukash is a voucher system where people can go in person to any one of the thousands of British shops which sell Ukash vouchers.

There, you trade cash for a Ukash voucher which has a unique, single-use 19-digit code on it and neither personal information nor financial details are divulged, thus maintaining total privacy for users. All you do is then enter the code into your online casino’s cashier, and the money instantly appears in your online casinos account. If you order a Ukash Out Mastercard, you can even withdraw the funds as cash.

The Ups and Downs of Ukash at Online Casinos

One of the huge advantages of using Ukash vouchers is that, when purchased in person, they are completely anonymous. And while they also accept payments through your mobile, you never have to provide Ukash with any personal details about you. This makes the system incredibly secure in that no one will ever get access to anything they can use to hurt you.

The other advantage of Ukash is that it is completely free to use. The amount you pay for the voucher is exactly the amount of money which the voucher is good for, and neither the merchant or the casino will charge you a penny for buying or using a Ukash voucher.

Ukash Casino Fees

There are no additional fees assessed by U-kash other than the purchase price of the voucher. In some cases, merchants may charge a fee for using it to transfer funds, or to process one for a payment, but is not very common.
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There’s Always a Catch?

There are, as is to be expected, a couple of possible drawbacks to using Ukash. Firstly, in order to comply with UK banking regulations, the maximum nominal amount for a voucher is £200, and you are not permitted to have more than five £200 vouchers at any one time. While good for people who just want to try their luck at casinos, players wishing to make larger deposits will probably want to use a different deposit method.

Since Ukash is not an e-wallet, the other problem with it is that when it comes time to cash out your winnings, there is no where to send them. Most casinos will automatically set your default withdrawal method to issuing a cheque, which may not be convenient and which some casinos will charge you a fee for. While some casinos will allow you withdraw through bank transfer instead, not all will do so and you should check with your casino before making your first Ukash deposit.