Best Blackjack Bonuses – How to Take Advantage?

Unlike slots or craps, where the results are completely random, blackjack is a casino game that actually involves an element of skill to go along with luck. It’s one of the only games where the player is able to make decisions that affect the game, and making the right decisions can help players increase their chances to win.

Blackjack basic strategy is a set of mathematically determined rules which can maximize a player’s chance at winning. Basically, basic strategy is a set of guidelines about what to do in each possible situation; hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. The reason this is important is that casinos don’t particularly want to have a lot of players on their blackjack tables using basic strategy because they don’t really win very much money off of them.

Therefore, online casinos tend to impose very harsh restrictions on blackjack bonuses, if they offer them at all. You will rarely find a blackjack bonus higher than 100% and these bonuses tend to have much stricter wagering requirements; double or triple those of normal bonuses. Furthermore, if you see an online casino offer a blackjack bonus of more than 100%, it likely has impossibly high restrictions attached to it.

For example, a 150% blackjack bonus may carry a 100x wagering requirement which needs to be achieved in only 30 days, which most players will only achieve by playing eight hours a day, and even then they would have to have luck on their side to have any bonus left. You can maximize the impact of your bonus by learning and following basic strategy. It will not only allow you to play longer buy it will also make the game more enjoyable, as you will have a better chance of winning than just playing by feel.

It’s also important to note than no matter what some websites may claim, it is impossible to count cards at on online blackjack table to increase your chances of winning. Basic strategy is your best bet. Make sure that the blackjack bonus you choose has decent terms for clearing and releasing the bonus. As we said before, watch out for bonuses higher than 100% as they are usually not worth the effort. These days, a 20% contribution to the wagering requirement is fairly standard, so if the bonus offers better terms, jump on it.

Finally, take it slow. It can be tempting to bet larger in an effort to win more money and clear your bonus faster. However, there is still an element of luck in blackjack and sometimes the cards won’t go your way. Bet small so that a temporary downturn won’t wipe you out and you can enjoy playing for as long as possible.