Best Online Roulette Bonuses – How to take advantage

Given the popularity of roulette worldwide, you would think that online casinos would be offering roulette bonuses left and right in an attempt to attract some of that action. You would be mistaken, though, as these days online roulette bonuses are few and far between.

Casinos don’t particularly love roulette, even though unlike blackjack, there is no element of skill involved. The problem with roulette from a casino’s point of view is that in addition to the high-profit number bets, there are outside bets such as even/odd or red/black that offer nearly 50:50 odds while paying out 1:1.

Although the ‘0’ and ’00’ still gives the house an edge, clever online casino players figured out they could clear a bonus’ wagering requirements relatively safely by only making these outside roulette bets. That’s why if you do see a roulette bonus these days, it will likely be for a small percentage, have very high wagering requirements, and have a very small wagering contribution.

Some casinos even prohibit players from placing outside bets and will either not count towards the wagering requirement or void the bonus completely. European roulette wheels (sometimes referred to as French wheels) are even better for the player, as they don’t have the ’00’. Online casinos that allow bonus players to play on these wheels might require the player to wager 50x the bonus, while only 10% of each bet goes toward clearing the bonus.

This is not to say that you should avoid roulette bonuses altogether. If you love playing online roulette, especially American roulette, there are still some reasonable roulette bonuses to be found. Since you are going to be playing roulette anyone, it doesn’t hurt to try to get a little bonus cash out of it.