Best Online Slot Bonuses – One way to beat

Not only does every online casino on Earth offer a slots bonus, but these bonuses are for the most amount of money and carry the lowest wagering requirements. This makes sense, as not only are slots the most popular games in the casino, they also make the casino the most money.

Compared to table games such as roulette and blackjack, slots have a slightly higher casino edge. Although that edge may only be 2%-3%, that’s enough to turn slots into a huge money-maker for the casino. Therefore, casinos are able to offer bonuses to slots players because they know that they have a much higher chance of getting that money right back.

Nothing more than just a way to spin the reels?

Plenty of people just want to play slots for fun and a slots bonus is nothing more than just a way spin the reels a little bit longer in the effort to hit the big jackpot. However, more disciplined players will find that if they choose the right slots bonus and do things the right way, they could actually turn their bonus into some real cash. Of course there is no sure-fire way to beat the bonus and walk away with cash every single time.

That being said, there are some things you can do in order to get the very most out of your bonus and give yourself a better than average chance at coming out ahead. You first need to choose a bonus with good terms and a low wagering requirement. A wagering requirement of 25x is good, 20x is better, and anything lower than that is a rare and beautiful thing. Bonuses that have low wagering requirements like this are usually 100%-200% bonuses, but no higher. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew; a 150% bonus is plenty.

You also want to make sure that the bonus is cashable, which means that when it is cleared the bonus money is able to be withdrawn. Most reasonable slot bonuses are, but always check before committing to a bonus. When you actually hit the slots and spin the reels, choose a low, safe bet amount to play with. It is tempting to want to bet more in order to clear than bonus faster, but that is a way to go broke in no time.

And when you finally do succeed and clear your bonus with money left, treat that as money on the house. Play with it until you hit a good-sized win and then withdraw your money before you play for too long and give it all back to the casino.