How to Make a Complaint Against a Online Casino

Most players who play at large, reputable, UK online casinos have overwhelmingly positive experiences and if they have any problems, most casinos will make an effort to resolve the matter with the player directly.

However, as with any other industry, there is the chance that something will go wrong with an online casino and a player will have a very negative experience which cannot be resolved. In the rare event that this happens to you, you should know that you can do something about it and try to get the dispute resolved and before you do anything, make sure you have all the evidence saved- so write down the dates, and details of your complaint- when you signed up, desposited, played, how much you bet, how much you won, on which games etc.

Making a Complaint to the Licensing Government

If a player feels like an online casino has seriously violated the law or done something otherwise unethical, they should find out where the casino is licensed and submit a complaint to the appropriate governing body in that jurisdiction.

Online casinos will typically provide a link at the bottom of their website that will direct users to the proper government website where they are licenses. It is there that players can submit a complaint form. When submitting a complaint, it is important to be as specific as possible about dates and times of particular incidents. You may receive a response immediately, or you may have to wait for months to hear anything back, depending on the particular government. In the event that your claim is justified by the governmental body, you will be informed on how to further proceed.

Making a Complaint to eCOGRA

If a casino is affiliated with eCOGRA, which most reputable UK online casinos are, then complaints can be directed to eCOGRA if the player does not feel that the casino has dealt with them in good faith. eCOGRA is and organization designed to promote fair play in the online casino industry and help resolve complaints and disputes. Since eCOGRA affiliated casinos are held to the highest standards, and complaints made against them are treated very seriously, and only the most serious, legitimate complaints which can be supported by evidence should be taken to them.

Making Complaints through Other Industry Websites

In the event that a player has a complaint, but is unable to back up their claims or feels that it is not that serious, they can submit their complaint to various online casino consumer protection websites. While these sites are unable to take action against a casino, they serve as a way for dissatisfied players to inform others about their negative experiences and prevent the same thing from happening to other players. Ask Gamblers and Casino Meister are two of the largest of these sites, but review sites such as can also be a valuable outlet for your frustrations