Dictionary of Common Casino Terms

Action – The total money a player wagers during a particular gambling session. In poker it refers to a player making a decision during their turn.

Active – An active player is one who is still part of the pot.

Anchor – Refers to the final playing position on the left of the blackjack table. That player makes the last decision of the hand, serving as the anchor for the game.

Ante – In poker, it is the minimum amount that all players must put into the pot before the hand begins.

Any Craps – In craps, a one-roll bet where a result of 2, 3, or 12 is a winner.

Any Seven – In craps, a one-roll bet where a result of 7 is a winner.

Baccarat – A casino game played with cards where the winning hand is the one which is closest to 9 and all 10s and face cards are worth zero.

Banker – The player who books the action of other players at a Pai Gow table.

Bankroll – The total amount of money a player is able to spend on a single session of gambling or the amount of money held in an online casino account.

Bar the 12 – In craps, it means that the 12 is a push when playing the Don’t Pass Line.

Base – The large area on a craps table where bets are made. There are two based on each craps table.

Base Dealer – The dealer assigned to one of the bases on a craps table.

Basic Strategy – The mathematically ideal strategy to making decisions at a blackjack table.

Bet – To gamble or to wager money.

Betting Limits – The highest and lowest amounts that are allowed to be wagered at one time.

Betting Right – Playing the Pass Line and playing with the shooter in craps.

Betting Wrong – Playing the Don’t Pass Line and playing against the shooter in craps.

Betting System – A specific method of placing bets where are designed to attempt to beat the odds of the casino and cause the player to always be a winner. Although many betting systems exist, none have ever been found to actually “beat” the casino.

Blackjack – Sometimes referred to as “21”, blackjack is a casino card game where players attempt to get a combination of cards as close to 21 as possible without going over. The player wins if he or she has a higher total than the dealer.

Blackjack Hand – In blackjack, a hand where a player’s first two cards equal 21.

Blind Bet – In poker, a bet that players sitting in a certain position must make before the cards are dealt.

Bluff – A poker strategy where a player bets aggressively with a poor hand in order to induce all the other players to fold.

Box – The centre area of a craps table where certain bets may be placed.
Boxcars – In craps, a slang term for a roll of 12.

Boxman – In craps, the casino employee who is in charge of the entire table.

Bring-in – In stud poker, a forced bet made by the player with the lowest visible card after the first cards are dealt.

Bump – A poker term meaning to raise.

Burn Card – A card which is discarded without ever having been played.

Bust – To have a hand which exceeds 21 in a game of blackjack. When a player busts he or she automatically loses.

Cage – The cashier area of the casino where you can exchange chips for cash. Some online casinos call the place where you can make deposits and withdrawals the cage.

Card Counting – In blackjack, a system of mentally monitoring the cards which have already appeared in order to increase the player’s odds of winning.

Caribbean Stud Poker – A variation of five-card poker where players play solely against the house in a casino.

Casino Bonuses – Cash bonuses which online casinos offer to new and returning customers who make real-money deposits at their casino. Nearly all online casinos offer some sort of bonus, which requires that the player make a deposit and they play for a certain period of time before they can claim the bonus.

Change Colour – To exchange one colour of casino chips for those of a different colour and denomination.

Chips – Small plastic or clay discs which are used for wagering in a casino in lieu of actual cash.

Cold – A losing streak or a machine which is currently not paying out.

Colour Up – To exchange the chips you currently hold for a smaller amount of higher-denomination chips.

Come Bet – In craps, a wager on the Come Line. It is the same as a Pass Line bet but may be placed at any time.

Come Line – In craps, the area of the table where you place a Come Bet.

Come Out Roll – The first roll in every new game of craps.

Complete Hand – A poker hand where every card makes up the hand. Straights, flushes, straight flushes, and full houses are complete hands.

Comps – Free gifts provided to players by casinos as a way of encouraging them to continue playing at the casino. In land-based casinos they may be food, drinks, hotel rooms, and merchandise. In online casinos, they may be free casino credits deposited into your account.

Craps Out – In craps, a 2, 3, or 12 on the come out roll.

Craps – Either a casino dice game or a roll of 2, 3, or 12 in a game of craps.

Credit Button – A button on a video poker machine that instructs the machine to convert winnings to new credits instead of cashing them out.

Crew – The team of dealers at a craps table or another word for the cashier where player can convert chips to cash. See Cage.

Croupier – Another name for a dealer, a croupier is the person who operates a casino table game. In online casinos croupiers may be represented with an avatar, or may be completely absent and game functions electronically.

Cycle – In video poker, it is the amount of hands which must be played, statistically, in order to receive a royal flush.

Cut – When a deck of cards is divided into two halves with the bottom half placed on the top half.

Cut Card – A card made of bright, hard plastic that is used to cut a deck of cards or mark a place in it.

Dealer – A casino table employee, also known as a croupier.

Dice – The plural form of die.

Die – A coloured plastic cube with each side numbered one to six.

Discard Rack – The area of a gaming table where discarded cards are put.

Don’t Come Bet – In craps, a bet on the Don’t Come area. It works the same way as a Don’ Pass Bet but may be placed at any time.

Don’t Pass Bet – In craps, a bet where the player is betting that a seven will be rolled and that the shooter will lose.

Don’t Pass Line – The area of the craps layout where Don’t Pass bets are placed.

Double Down – In blackjack, it is an optional bet where the player can double their bet after they get their first two cards and receive one additional card.

Dozen Bet – In roulette, a bet on a set of twelve numbers.

Draw – In draw varieties of poker it is the second round of cards.

Draw Button – The button on a video poker machine that causes up to five new cards to be drawn.

Drop Box – The area of a gaming table where cash, chips, or markers are placed after being exchanged for chips.

Edge – The percentage amount of advantage that the casino has over the player in any particular game.

Even Money – A bet where, if the player wins, he or she receives the same amount that was bet, along with the initial amount.

Expected Return – In video poker, the amount that a player expects to get when making a specific action.

Expected Win Rate – Based on the game’s odds, the amount of money expected to be won or lost over a period of time.

Face Cards – Kings, Queens, and Jacks in a deck of cards. These are worth 10 points in blackjack.

First Base – The first seat on the right at a blackjack table and the first player to act.

Five-Number Bet – A bet on an American roulette wheel which bets on 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3.
Fibonacci System – A betting system which is based on the Fibonacci mathematical sequence.

Flash Casino – This is an online casino where the games are presented in your internet browser through Adobe Flash software. It is not necessary to download anything to play at a Flash casino.

Flat Top – A slot machine where the maximum amount to be won is a set amount. The opposite of a progressive jackpot machine.

Float – The bank at the table.

Flush – A poker hand where all five cards are of the same suit.

Fold – An action in poker where a player chooses to drop out of a hand and relinquish any claim to the pot.

Four of a Kind – A poker hand which contains four cards of the same rank, such as four queens.

Free Chips – The bonus chips which online casinos often give to players as part of various online casino bonuses.

Full House – A poker hand consisting of three cards of one rank and two cards of a different rank.

Full Pay – In video poker, a machine with the best possible pay schedule.

Hand – One ‘game’ of poker, or the cards a player currently holds in poker or blackjack.

Hit – To take another card in blackjack.

Hole Card – In blackjack, the dealer’s card which is face down.

Horn Bet – In craps, a bet where the winning result is a roll of 2, 3, 11, or 12.

Inside Bet – In roulette, a bet which is placed on a single number or a combination of single numbers.

Insurance – In blackjack, insurance is a bet offered by the casino if the dealer’s visible card is an ace. Players may bet half of their initial bet, and if the dealer has blackjack the bet pays off 2-1, so that the player loses no money on the hand. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet is taken.

Let It Ride – A casino variation of poker or a term where the winnings of a bet or not collected, but placed on the same bet in an effort to repeat the win.

Loose/Tight Slots – Loose and tight refer to the amount a slot machine is paying out. A loose machine pays a larger than expected amount over time, where a tight machine pays less than is expected over a long period of time.

Mini-Baccarat – A variation of baccarat which has basically the same rules as Baccarat, but is played with fewer people in a more casual environment.

Monkey – In blackjack, a slang term for a card worth 10.

Natural – In blackjack, a hand where the first two cards are an ace and a card worth 10. Also referred to as a blackjack.

Non-Negotiable Chip – A promotional or advertising chip which has no cash value.

Nut – A certain, set amount that a gambler is trying to win.

Odds – The probability ratio that a certain action will take place.

Off – A bet that is not currently in play.

One-Roll Bets – In craps, bets that are only for the next roll and will be removed after the next roll. Also known as proposition bets.

Outside Bets – In roulette, bets placed on the outside of the layout, such as bets on odd/even, or red/black.

Pair – A poker hand consisting of two cards of the same rank.

Palette – The paddle which is used by a baccarat dealer to move the cards.

Pass – To choose not to bet.

Pass Line – The area of a craps layout where players place Pass Line bets.

Pass Line Bet – A bet that a point will be made and repeated before a 7 is thrown. This bet wins if the shooter wins.

Pay Cycle – A term which refers to the amount of times that a slot machine must be played in order to theoretically cycle through all of the possible winning and losing combinations.

Pay Line – The line on a slot machine where the winning symbols from each reel must appear. Older slot machines generally have one pay line, but modern video slots can have over one hundred.

Payout Schedule – The information posted on a slot machine or video poker machine which states how much the player wins for getting different winning combinations. It is also known as the Pay Table.

Pit – The area of the casino to the inside of a cluster of casino gaming tables which is only open to casino employees.

Player – A person playing casino games.

Point – In craps, if the result of the come out roll is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that number becomes the point. In order for the shooter to win, he or she must roll the point an additional time before a 7 is rolled.

Pot – The total amount of money that can be won in the current hand of a poker game.
Press – Doubling a bet.

Progressive Slots – These are slot machines where the highest payout is constantly climbing ad more money is played on the machine. When a player hits the jackpot, the progressive jackpot then starts anew at its initial amount.

Proposition Bet – In craps, a dice bet on a single number.

Punter – Another word for a casino player.

Push – In a casino game, this is a situation where the house and the player tie or draw, and the initial bet is returned to the player.

Qualifier – In forms of poker, this is a minimum standard that a hand must reach in order to be able to be a winning hand.

Raise – In poker, after a player places an initial bet, another bet placed on top of that is called a raise.

Rake – In ring games of poker, this is the percentage of each pot that the house or casino takes as a fee for running the game.

Rank – The number of a card, such as 4 or king.

Reels – The three or five spinning drums inside slot machines which contain the symbols.

Right Bettor – A craps player who is playing the Pass Line.

Ring Game – A poker game which is not part of a tournament and continues indefinitely at the same stakes level.

RNG (Random Number Generator) – The RNG is used by slot machines and online casinos to randomize the results of a game and ensure that it runs fairly.

Royal Flush – A poker hand consisting of the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit. It is the highest possible hand in poker.

Seven-Out – To roll a seven and lose during any non-come out roll of a craps game.

Shoe – The plastic or wooden box where the decks are placed in a game of blackjack and which the dealer deals from.

Shooter – The player currently rolling the dice at a craps table.

Singleton – A single card of a rank which is not part of any other hand.

Slot Schedule – All of the details of a slot machine which inform the player about the payouts, denominations, and winning combinations.

Snake Eyes – In craps, a slang term for a roll of 2.

Soft Hand – A blackjack hand where an ace is being counted as 11.

Split Bet – In roulette, a bet which straddles two different inside numbers.

Spot – In keno, a spot is any number between 1 and 80 that a player selects. If, in a keno game the spots are covered, the player wins.

Stand – In blackjack, to be satisfied with your hand and choose not to take any more cards.

Steal – A poker term which refers to a hand which was won on a bluff.

Stickman – The dealer at a craps table that uses a stick to control the dice.

Straight – A poker hand consisting of five cards of ascending rank.

Straight Flush – A poker hand where all five cards of a straight are the same suit.

Stud Poker – A variation of poker without draws and without community cards.

Surrender – In blackjack, this is an option given to players where you choose to no longer participate in the hand but you receive half of your original bet back.

Three of a Kind – A poker hand which contains three cards of equal rank. Also called Trips.

Token – At a land-based casino, these are specific coins designed to be used in slot machines.

Two Pair – A poker hand which consists of two cards of equal ranks, and two cards of an equal, yet different rank and a fifth, unconnected card.

Upcard – In blackjack, this is the dealer’s card which is dealt face-up so that the players can see it.

Wild Card – A card which can act as any other card, commonly a joker or deuce in video poker.

Whale – Another term for a high-roller.

Working – In craps, a term which means that all bets count for the next roll.

World Bet – In craps, a Horn bet that also includes the 7.

Wrong Bettor – In craps, a player which is playing the Don’t Pass Line.