Type of Casino Promotion, how to take advantage?

If you can imagine a promotion, prize, or casino competition, most likely an online casino has done it. Casino promotions come in all shapes and sizes, all of them being offered with the goal of getting players to have fun, play more, and keep making deposits. While casino promotions can also include deposit bonuses and VIP loyalty schemes, there are also plenty of different kinds of promotions which award players cash, real-life prizes, and more. While almost everything has been tried by a casino at one time or another, the following types of promotions are the types most often seen as they are the ones that get the best results.

Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are commonplace in traditional Las Vegas style casinos; though online casinos have had a bit of a tough time translating the format to the digital world. That being said, it doesn’t stop them from trying, and there are some online casinos which run excellent slot tournament promotions. A slot tournament is only open to a certain amount of players who have to opt in to the promotion and typically last for a relatively short amount of time. Slot players love them because the buy-in, if there is one, tends to be quite small, and they have the chance to walk away with a significant cash prize if they happen to win. Likewise, casinos love tournaments because they encourage play and are generally quite cheap to run. A typical slot tournament will begin with players opting in and paying a small entry fee, typically just a few quid. Some online slot tournaments are free to play, with the prize pool provided purely by the casino itself. Once a pre-determined amount of players have registered, each player gets an equal number of credits on a machine and the tourney begins. After a certain amount of time has passed, the tourney ends and the players with the highest credit totals take home a share of the prize pool.

Casino Races

A casino race is similar to a slot tournament in that players must opt in and then play a selected casino game for a certain amount of time. What makes them different from tourneys is that players earn points as they play. Instead of waiting for time to run out to determine the winners, the prize winners are first players to earn a certain number of points before time runs out. Prizes tend to be slightly smaller than those offered in slot tourneys, though casino races can be a great chance to pick up a nice prize just for playing a game you would be playing anyway.

Giveaways and Wager-Based Promotions

These types of promotions are among the most popular and ubiquitous among UK online casinos. Wager-based promotions sound just like what they are, for every pound a player wagers on a casino game, he or she earns points which are then able to be redeemed directly for cash or real-life prizes
or which earn the player a certain amount of entries into a drawing for a larger prize. Over the years, it seems like casinos have given away just about everything under the sun. Common giveaway prizes include holidays; large cash prizes; electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems; jewellery such as gold necklaces or watches; and online gift certificates. Some casinos get a bit more creative and have given away more exotic prizes such as cars; film roles, tickets to major sporting events; gold bars; diamonds; and even a trip to space. Of course, sometimes the giveaways that seem too good to be true are, so it’s best to make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you start fantasizing about your new Ferrari.

Refer-A-Friend Promotions

Online casinos need a constant stream of new customers in order to survive and are willing to reward people handsomely for helping them gain new players. These promotions are pretty straightforward: if you get a friend to sign up at a casino and they make a deposit, the casino will
put some cash straight into your account. It’s that simple.