Understanding Online Casino Bonuses – Outspoken

In order to truly make the most of your casino bonus, you need to understand exactly how it works. Keep reading to learn about the specific terms that online casinos use when talking about bonuses and exactly what these terms mean.

Cashable Bonuses

A cashable bonus is one that can eventually be turned into cash which you can withdraw from your account. What this means is that once you have cleared your bonus, all the money you have in your account can be withdrawn, whether it was bonus money or winnings. For example, you get a £100 bonus, once the wagering requirements have been met, you have £200 in your account, of which £100 was the bonus. If your bonus is cashable, then the whole £200 is your to do with as you please. Most modern online casino bonuses are cashable.

Non-Cashable Bonuses

Non-cashable bonuses are bonuses where the bonus amount acts more like casino credit than cash, as it can never be withdrawn from your account. While any winnings remain yours to withdraw, when you complete the wagering requirements, any remaining bonus disappears. So, if you get a £100 bonus and have £200 in your account, including the bonus, when you clear the bonus, you only get to keep £100. Obviously, cashable bonuses are preferable to non-cashable.

Wagering Requirements

Of course, casinos can’t just give you free money and let you walk away with it. The reason the bonus exists is to get you to stay and play at their casino, and they way they do is this is by requiring players to bet a certain amount before the bonus is cleared. This is commonly expressed in multiples of the bonus amount. The wagering requirements may apply to just the bonus amount, which is the better option, or to the bonus amount and the initial deposit amount together. For example, let’s say you deposit £100 and get a £100 bonus. If the wagering requirement is 20x the bonus only, you have to place £2,000 worth of bets to clear the bonus; but if the requirement is for the deposit and bonus together, you would have to bet £4,000.

Bonus Contribution

Wagering requirements seem quite simple, but not every pound bet equals a pound off the wagering requirements. In order to encourage players to play the games which they profit most from (slots), casinos will only allow a certain percentage of bets on certain games to count towards the bonus which is known as the bonus contribution.

Slots are almost always the best game to play, as they almost always have a 100% bonus contribution, where £1 bet equals £1 off the wagering requirement. Other games, however, have a significantly lower bonus contribution. Roulette will often carry only around a 15%-20% contribution, while video poker usually contributes around 10%. Blackjack is the worst, often times contributing only 5% of every bet, if anything at all.

What this means is that it might take much longer to clear a bonus that you realize at the outset, especially if you play table games. A generous bonus of £100 where the wagering requirement is 20x the bonus would require the player to bet a total of £2,000 on slots to clear it. 20x the bonus would require the player to bet a total of £2,000 on slots to clear it. However, that same bonus would require the player to bet £40,000 on blackjack in order to fulfil the requirement. If you play table games, it is best to look for bonuses with high bonus contributions. Otherwise, it is generally best to stick to playing slots unless you have a massive amount of time and patience.