Withdrawing from Online Casinos

For any online casino player, the goal is to win cash through playing games. In order to turn this money into cash in real life, you will need to use one of the supported methods of withdrawal from the online casino.

Usually, these methods are quite secure and easy to use, resulting in quick withdrawals that don’t have any extra transaction fees. To find the Fastest Casino Payouts / Withdrawals is possible in one way: with your homework and it’s quite simple, but finding the casino withdrawal methods and casinos that pay the fastest will end up paying dividends in the long-term.

How to Make a Withdrawal from an Online Casino

The first thing that you should know about withdrawing money from a casino is that you may not be able to withdraw your money in the same manner in which you made a deposit. Not all of the deposit options offered by online casinos support withdrawals as well, so you may have to use a different method from that which you deposited funds. Choosing a reliable and trusted method of withdrawal, you are sure to be able to quickly and easily send money from your online casino account to another banking account where you can access it as cash. Some methods carry limits on the amount you can withdraw at once, while others may have limits on how often they can be used.

Popular UK Player Withdrawal Options

Nearly all of the top UK online casinos offer a bevy of different withdrawal methods that their players can take advantage of. By using trusted methods from reliable, reputable online casinos, these transactions are protected by the highest levels of security so that the process is completely safe and easy. Since there are usually many options available, it is advisable to find the option that best combines convenience with low fees and quick processing times. The following options are some of the most popular withdrawal methods offered by online casinos, though not all casinos will offer all of the options below.

Credit Card Money Back

Of the online casinos that accept deposits through major credit cards, some also offer to process withdrawals by making reverse transactions to the same credit card. Since the online casino already has your credit card details, this is an extremely safe way to withdraw money, and the funds are available almost immediately after being sent.

Direct Deposit

This is one of the fastest and best ways to withdraw funds from your online casino account. The casino simply uses direct deposit to send the funds straight to your bank account. You will, of course, have to inform the casino of your banking details, but as long as you use a reputable casino, you have nothing to fear and you can take advantage of perhaps the fastest way to get your money out there.

Wire Transfer

Perhaps the rarest form of withdrawal, wire transfers are available as a reliable option for some players. The player must contact the casino and institute the wire transfer and have an account at the receiving bank or institution. Once the receiving institution reviews the transfer and approves it, the casino is informed and the wire transfer takes place.

Personal Cheque

One of the options that almost anyone in the UK can use, in the event that their chosen deposit method does not allow for withdrawals, is to request a personal cheque. This process is much longer than with other methods, and can take as much as a month to receive the cheque. However, once you get it, it is just like a normal personal cheque, and you can cash or it deposit it however you like.


Withdrawals made through NETeller are incredibly fast, simple, and safe, which is why it has become the banking method of choice for many players. If you have a NETeller account, you can request a withdrawal from the casino straight to your NETeller account, where it becomes available almost instantly. Then you can keep the money in your NETeller and use it for additional purchases, or simply withdraw it as cash from certain Cashpoints in the UK.

Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, is also incredibly popular, and work in almost the exact same manner as with NETeller withdrawals. Players can simply request their winnings be sent to their Skrill account, where it is transferred immediately. Then they can leave the money in the Skrill account, or convert it into cash by transferring it to a bank account or credit card, or requesting a cheque. Skrill does charge additional fees for these services.


Just as with NETeller and Skrill, players who have a Ukash account (not just using the prepaid cards) can have their winnings transferred directly from the casino to that account. They can then use that money for other purchases, or choose to withdraw it through various means supported by Ukash.