Cryptologic Progressive Jackpots

As one of the top software developers for online casino games, Cryptologic games carry more than their fair share of progressive jackpots and chances to win big off of a single small bet. Read on to learn about the various jackpots found at Cryptologic powered online casinos. Cryptologic were recently acquired by Canadian based Amaya Gaming Group Inc. Their jackpot games remain as popular as ever.

Millionaire’s Club Progressive Jackpot Slot

By far the most famous and coveted of all the Cryptologic jackpots, Millionaire’s Club isn’t just a clever name; this jackpot regularly exceeds £1 million! The seed level for this exciting progressive video slot is a massive £100,000, and the popularity of it means that it doesn’t take long for the jackpot to grow much, much larger. All it takes to win the jackpot is a max bet of three coins and a line full of the Millionaire’s Club symbols. A single spin is all it takes to enter the millionaire’s club and turn your life around completely.

Rags to Riches Progressive Jackpot Slot

Resembling a classic three-reel slot game, Rags to Riches is a £1 modern video slot where the possible prize is something that can take you from the outhouse to the penthouse. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay thrilling, which makes the game attractive enough without the jackpot. But it is the jackpot that really attracts players and makes the flock to this game. Seeded at £100,000, this progressive jackpot slot usually hits around £200,000 or more, which is more than enough money to change your life in an instant.

Silent Screen Progressive Jackpot Slot

The Silent Screen jackpot is only available to players who play the same game, which means that although it may not climb as high as other jackpots, it is easier to win as there is a smaller pool of potential winners. Even without the jackpot, it’s an exciting video slot filled with free spins, wild symbols, bonus games, and more. Silent Screen is attractive due to the fact that bets start at a mere 1p and range all the way to £5, so players of any bankroll can enjoy the game and have a chance at winning. The normal top prize awards a whopping 5,000x the initial bet, while a max bet can win a progressive jackpot which normally sits between £15k and £30k.

Triple Olives Progressive Jackpot Slot

Triple Olives is a game with incredible graphics and lifelike sound; the kind of game that slot players would play even if there wasn’t an amazing progressive jackpot offered. The chance to win a jackpot which always pays out at least £5,000 is simply icing on the cake for true slot players. It is also one of the most accessible progressive slots offered by Cryptologic, as all it takes is a 25p bet to win the jackpot and give you one of the best days of your life.

Progressive Blackjack Slot Games

An entirely new take on the classic table game, Cryptologic’s progressive blackjack slot combines the fun of blackjack with the huge jackpots of online video slots. The jackpot is seeded at £50,000, but usually reaches at least double that amount, making the game one of the most popular in any Cryptologic casino. Combining old Vegas card games with modern online video slots, the progressive blackjack jackpot triggers when a player lines up four aces on a single line. That’s all it takes to hit the jackpot and break out of the penny slots forever.

Casino Stud Poker Progressive Jackpots Games

The original and classic poker variant, stud poker, remains one of the most popular casino games and Cryptologic has enhanced its popularity by coupling the game with a progressive jackpot. The seed amount is an impressive £60,000, though it usually soars much higher. A royal flush is all it takes to win the jackpot, and although they are extremely rare, someone has to hit it. Cryptologic dwants you to believe that you will be the one that hits it.