Famous Jackpot Winners

Sure, it may not have happened to you or someone you know yet, but rest assured that real people are actually winning casino jackpots every single day, all over the world, and their life has changed since that day, so you should try these out sometime; you never know, it’s not easy for sure, but you can be the next winner, you could be the next casino millionaire, better to say like so. Most of these slots games are programmed by some of the best casino gaming software providers like RTG, Microgaming and Playtech software.

The Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins

Below is just a small sample of the tens of thousands of people who have won huge jackpots playing online casino games. Most of the following winners won their jackpots playing slots, but some winners took home their jackpots playing other well-known casino games. Of course, the more people start to play casino games online, the more online jackpots will grow to enormous proportions. When progressive jackpots first debuted, they paid out tens of thousands of pounds. Now, progressive jackpot winners rake in millions. Some of the top jackpot winners in online casino history are:

“The Beginner”…£8 Bet Wins £180,000

A 45-year-old Canadian who only goes by the name Silvana3 decided to give online casinos a go back in 2009. He registered a new account at well-known online casino and made a relatively small deposit. He began playing and a mere six minutes a £8 after signing up for his account, he hit a huge £180,000 jackpot. If Silvana3 can win, anyone can.

“The Blacksmith”…Wins £5 Million

On May 15th, playing the online Millionaire’s Club video slot, which was the largest British jackpot won at that time. Although the player chose to remain anonymous, he did get the pleasure of accepting his jackpot in person, presented to him by international supermodel Sophie Anderton. Not bad for a guy who normally hammers steel all day.

“The Small Bet”…£4 Bet Wins Almost £5.5 Million

Mysterious Greek Giorgios M was playing with a mere £4 on the Mega Moolah progressive slot game back in May 2009 when his ship came in and he won an amazing £5.35 million. It remains one of the largest ever jackpots won considering the ratio of amount bet to amount won.

“The Record Holder” Wins £10,272,600

September 24, 2011 is considered to be a landmark day in the history of online progressive jackpots. On that day, a 20-year-old anonymous Norwegian man won himself the biggest jackpot in the history of online gambling, taking home an incredible £10,272,600 while playing the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot. That year alone, the Mega Fortune slot gave away more than £22 million, including a £4.5 million jackpot won earlier in the year.

The £10.2 million jackpot has been verified by Guinness World Records and while it has not yet been surpassed, it could fall at any time, and anyone could be the next player to enter the record books.