Live Casino Dealers

It’s not too common to find regular brick and mortar casino players who will only play when certain dealers are working, and avoid some dealers completely. For some, this is done out of some sort of crazy superstition. For others, it is simply because they have a certain affinity for certain dealers and enjoy playing at their tables.

For the most part, online casinos have completely eliminated this aspect of playing casino table games. There is no dealer, only a cold, heartless machine spitting out numbers and flipping virtual cards. Every table is the same, so who cares where you play?

Thanks to live dealer games, however, online players are once again finding the joy of playing at a table run by a dealer they like. Most dealers are extremely friendly and welcoming. They are also almost exclusively female, and attractive females at that. Some casinos even allow you to ‘bookmark’ your favourite dealers so you can easily find them when you log in and start playing. Here is a small sample of some of the most popular dealers working the live dealer games at the time of this article and the developer or casino they work for. You can go online right now and find a game run by at least one of these dealers, and see what all the fuss is about.

888 casino

Tanya, with fire-red hair and a winning smile, Tanya is easy to spot from a mile away. She is one of the many well-liked Latvian dealers in Playtech’s Casinos. Typically found dealing blackjack, Tanya has been known to post on player forums.

32red Casino

Gunitia, 32Red has scored themselves an impressive dealer, Gunitia. Her well-rounded personality and ability to chat about anything for hours has made her a favourite of blackjack players…

Club World Casino

Sarah, A baccarat specialist, is another one of the famous Microgaming live casino dealers. She typically deals baccarat at some of the more famous Microgaming casinos such as Roxy Palace.

platinum play Casino

Doris, Maria is quite pretty, but don’t tell her that as she blushes up in a heartbeat. Beyond that, Maria is known as one of the fastest blackjack dealers on the Microgaming Casinos, making the time pass quicker and the wins come faster.


Samira, Yet another Latvian beauty, Royal Vegas is lucky to have Samira working for them in their Casinos. Happy and friendly with an amazing memory when it comes to players. Samira seems to remember every single player.

Casino LaVida

Margarita, The Live Dealer Margarita always has plenty of energy and tries to keep the games as fun and exciting as possible. She also has a huge number of clothing accessories…well, players can find her wearing something new every day..

roxy palace Casino

Darya’s, world-class smile and ability to make every player feel like the most important person in the world has made her the most popular Microgaming Live dealer. But you might have a bit of a wait before at her table…t.