Mobile Casino Bonuses

Mobile phones are changing the way that we do everything, including the way we play casino games. Now, you can spin the reels a few times during your lunch break or play blackjack while riding the train. But many online casino players have yet to give mobile casinos a go, so casinos are offering generous and exciting bonuses for new mobile casino players.

Mobile Specific Bonuses

Some online casinos offer bonuses specifically for mobile casino players. These bonuses are perfect for players who only want to play on their mobile and have no interest in playing on the casino’s traditional site and who don’t want to make very large initial deposits.

Looking around at the various mobile casinos currently in operation, there are four different kinds of bonuses offered. Some casinos might only offer one mobile, while others, such as Virgin Mobile Casino offer multiple different mobile bonuses which players can choose from. The kinds of mobile casino bonuses you can expect to see are:

Mobile Casino Welcome Bonuses

Most of the mobile casino bonuses currently out there fall into this category, as casinos want to entice new players to try out their mobile casino. These bonuses work in a similar fashion to welcome bonuses at normal online casinos, although they tend to have smaller maximum bonus
amounts. These bonus amounts are typically only counted towards mobile play, and cannot be used in conjunction with the traditional online casino.

A typical mobile casino welcome bonus with good terms will be a 100%-150% Match Bonus with a wagering requirement between 20x and 30x. Most bonus amounts top out at around £150, though some, like the Spin Palace Mobile Casino welcome bonus have as much as £1,000 available.

Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonuses

It’s no secret among online casinos that the best way to entice players to try out a new casino is to offer them free money in the form of a no deposit bonus. Mobile casinos are just as happy to give away small amounts of free money in the hope that you’ll fall in love with their mobile casino and make your own deposits.

Of course, they don’t want to give away too much free money, so mobile casino no-deposit bonuses are typically no larger than £10-£15 with wagering requirements as high as 50x the bonus amount. With those kinds of high wagering requirements, it’s not likely that you’ll ever be able to withdraw much of your bonus. Instead, no deposit bonuses should be seen more like a free trial, where you can see in the mobile casino is right for you.

Mobile Casino Game Bonuses

Sometimes, in order to promote certain mobile casino games, casinos will offer a bonus tied to that one game only. This bonus may be anything from cash back on losses on that game to an extra cash bonus if you wager a certain amount on a specific game. Most of the time, these bonuses are offered for mobile table games such as blackjack and roulette.

Part of the reason for this is that many mobile casino welcome bonuses don’t apply to table games, so these bonuses are a different way of luring table game players to the mobile casino. They often carry very high wagering requirements, but can be worth it if you are already a blackjack aficionado.

Other Casino Bonuses

In addition to bonuses available for new customers, many mobile casinos also offer other kinds of bonuses similar to the ones found on more traditional online casinos. These bonuses aren’t designed to draw in new players as much as they are to reward current players and keep them coming back for more.

Loyalty VIP programs are still quite rare at mobile casinos, instead these bonuses come in the form of further deposit bonuses where if you make a deposit through your mobile, you can get as much a 100% match deposit with a very reasonable wagering requirement of around 25x.

Traditional Online Casino Bonuses

As mobile casino bonuses are generally smaller than other, normal online casino bonuses and can only typically used on the mobile casino itself, they might not be right for all players. If you want to play a lot on the desktop site as well, or want a larger or more flexible type of bonus, you may want to simply go after the traditional bonuses that online casinos offer to computer-based customers.

Check with the individual casino to see which bonus is right for you. It is also important to note that some regular bonuses may not count towards mobile casino play; again, contact the casino for more details regarding specific bonus offers.