Playtech Progressive Jackpots

Always looking for new ways to excite players, Playtech constantly comes up with new progressive jackpot games that give players the chance to take home massive winnings from tiny bets.

A massive player base makes for a high rate of contribution to each of the progressive pools and as a consequence jackpots rise fast and reach. Keep reading to learn more about the current progressive jackpot games found at Playtech online casinos.

Gold Rally Progressive Slot

The undisputed leader in Playtech’s line-up of progressive slot games, Gold Rally features one of the largest consistent progressive jackpots found in online casinos today. The jackpot almost always surpasses £700,000, sometimes climbing much higher than that. Gold Rally is a fun 3-reel, 8-line slot game in its own right with an exciting bonus round and other enhancements. That being said, most people play this game in order to take a crack at the life-changing jackpot, which triggers when a certain symbol lines up on the reels while the player is betting the maximum.

Cinerama Progressive Slot

A graphically-stunning Hollywood-themed classic 3-reel slot, Cinerama is another game that is entertaining enough to attract players without offering a jackpot. The fact that it does offer a progressive jackpot makes this a game which every slot player should take a chance on.

Wall Street Fever Progressive Slot

They often say that playing the stock market is like gambling anyway, so Playtech simply combined the two into a nifty 3-reel classic slot. The game is incredibly straightforward and features a progressive jackpot which pays out quite quickly after being reset. Faster payouts mean more
winners, which is always a good thing.

Diamond Valley Progressive Slot

Diamond Valley is a modern 5-reel video slot with plenty of paylines and an exciting bonus game in addition to the large progressive jackpot which can be taken home at any time. A max bet on all the paylines makes players eligible for the jackpot and all it takes is a single spin to possibly hit that big win you’ve been waiting for.

Fruitmania Progressive Slot

Perhaps Playtech’s most popular jackpot video slot, Fruitmania is a fast-paced 5-reel video slot which carries a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is well-seeded, grows quickly, and hits on a pretty consistent basis. Three cocktail glasses scattered on the reels is all it takes to claim the jackpot, while three symbols of any kind on a payline triggers the lucrative Fruitmania bonus game.

Safecracker Progressive Slot

A relatively simply video slot, Safecracker is a game where players have an excellent shot at winning a large progressive jackpot. In order to claim the massive jackpot, players have to fill up a line with dollar bills. And even if you don’t hit the jackpot, the bonus game offers huge wins to players lucky enough to trigger it.

Magic Slots Progressive Slot

Another classic 3-reel, 3-line progressive jackpot slot, Magic Slots is wizard-themed, and with a touch of magic players could take home a massive jackpot. There is a bonus game triggered by collecting three magic wands, but most players are looking to get three top hats or three gloves.
Getting three major symbols on a payline with a max bet unlocks the magic and awards the jackpot.

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

Although table games don’t usually lend themselves to progressive jackpots, Caribbean Stud Poker wouldn’t be the hit it is without a massive jackpot attached. During the course of a regular game you have the chance to win hundreds of times your bet if you beat the dealer and have a great hand. But in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot you need to place an additional £1 side bet. The side bet adds large payouts for any big hand like four-of-a-kind. And if you play the side bet and get a royal flush, you take home the whole jackpot.

MegaJacks Progressive Video Poker

Like Caribbean Stud Poker, progressive jackpots make sense in a video poker game. After all, getting a rare combination like a royal flush should be rewarded, and a progressive jackpot that sometimes reaches six figures is a very nice reward indeed. And if you win the hand but don’t hit the jackpot, you have the opportunity to double up your winnings or walk away with nothing which adds an exciting element to an otherwise repetitive game.