Progressive Jackpots

Hitting a massive progressive jackpot is a life-changing event….Although some start at just a few hundred quid, progressive jackpots have been known to surpass £10 million, making lucky winners dreams come true in just one spin of the reels. For many people, the lure of a hitting a progressive jackpot is the reason they play casino games in the first place, and the theoretical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For each bet placed on a progressive jackpot game, a tiny sliver of that bet is added to the jackpot pool. Considering the fact that there can be thousands of people playing the same game at once, the jackpot quickly climb to enormous heights.

And while it doesn’t take long for a jackpot to grow, many progressive jackpots still equal huge amounts even if they have been recently won. The seed amount, or starting amount, of some jackpots can be as much as £1 million, meaning that there is never a bad time to play for a jackpot.

Nearly all large progressive jackpots are tied into slots, though that doesn’t mean they are the only game that can carry a jackpot. In addition to slots, roulette, video poker, baccarat, fruit machine, and Caribbean Stud Poker can all award jackpots; check out our individual jackpot guides on these games to learn more.

£10 Million – All it Takes is a Single Spin

The reason progressive jackpots are so popular is pretty obvious. It is one of the only ways where someone can turn a small amount of money into a huge payday. Million-pound jackpots have been won on bets smaller than a fiver, which allows nearly everyone the chance to win. Not only to players love winning progressive jackpots, but online casinos love offering them.

The lure of winning millions is a great way to encourage players to deposit money and play at their casino. Furthermore, it doesn’t even cost the casino that much money to offer the jackpots, as once they have provided the seed money, the rest of the jackpot comes directly from the players themselves.

The popularity of online casino jackpots is such that some casinos offer as many as two dozen different jackpots at a time with the likelihood that at least one jackpot will be over £1 million at any one time. But £1 million can just be the tip of the iceberg, as jackpots can range much higher than that. The largest ever online jackpot was hit in September of 2011 by a Norwegian man. He hit a progressive jackpot on a Mega Fortune slot worth a mind-blowing £10,272,600!

As more and more people begin to play casino games online, that record is bound to be broken in the relatively near future with every player hoping to be the one that cashes in. And even if you aren’t the winner of the next multi-million pound progressive jackpot, you could still win one of the dozens of smaller jackpots being claimed every day at online casinos around the world.