Roulette Jackpots

It seems like roulette is already a game where a player can win a large sum of money by making a relatively small bet. After all, hitting a single number on the roulette wheel pays out a massive 35 to 1, so a £10 instantly turns into £350.

While that is pretty good, it doesn’t exactly compare to being able to win millions off of a few quid as with slot machine jackpots.

However, online gambling software developers and nothing if not creative, and a few of them have figured out a way to add progressive jackpots to the world of roulette. While not yet extremely popular, the lure of the big jackpot will likely make roulette jackpots more common as time goes by.

Online Roulette Jackpots

A couple of different roulette jackpots turned up during an intensive scouring of online casinos. While there is a jackpot out there called Premium Roulette, it is extremely hard to find and although it pays out quite regularly, the payouts are generally small. The more common roulette jackpot that you will see if the one offered by Microgaming, Roulette Royal.

Played on a European roulette wheel with just one zero, Roulette Royal by Microgaming was the first ever online progressive roulette jackpot offered to the public. For the most part, it is a normal European roulette game, with all the standard bets and payouts players are used to seeing at a roulette table.

However, there is one important extra feature: the large progressive jackpot. In order to win the progressive jackpot, the same number has to come up five times in a row. Of course this is an extremely rare occurrence, but it does indeed happen with the first ever winning taking home a cool £1 million in winnings. Since online table games are played individually, only one player takes home the jackpot, which would never be possible in a land-based casino.

Since its first hit for more than £1 million, the Microgaming Roulette Royal jackpot has hit a few more times, each for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Though it is not a special side bet, a small portion of normal play is contributed to the jackpot, meaning that is grows by more than £1,000 every single day. For players that already enjoy playing European roulette, it’s a fantastic way to have a chance to cash in while playing the game they love.