Slot Jackpots

As far as jackpots go, nothing else even comes close to the sheer size and popularity of online slot jackpots. Given the fact that a progressive slot jackpot win has the potential to make anyone an instant millionaire, it isn’t hard to see why they are such a hit.

In 1986, progressive slot jackpot mania began when IGT delivered Megabucks jackpot slot machines to nine different casinos in Nevada. These 3-coin, 3-reel slots were the first to ever offer a linked, progressive jackpot where every bet on every machine added to the potential jackpot win.

Over 25 years later, the Megabucks jackpot lives on as one of the most famous jackpots in the world. While the games have changed slightly, the concept of linked machines pushing the jackpot to new heights has remained the same as the Megabucks jackpot now routinely pays out over $10 million almost every time it is won.

The Different Ways to Win a Slots Jackpot

  • The most common way to win a slots jackpot is to align a specific set of symbols on the reels. They are usually the rarest symbols and often times they have to line up on a specific payline during a max bet in order to trigger the jackpot.
  • Some jackpots trigger randomly, no matter which symbols appear on the reels. These jackpots can be won by any player at any time.
  • A few progressive jackpots can be won during a second screen bonus round. Fulfilling certain criteria during the bonus round awards the jackpot.

Online Slots Jackpots

The rise of online casinos has revolutionized slot jackpots in that they are now able to build higher and faster than ever before. Instead of the jackpot being linked to a number of physical machines in land-based casinos, online slot jackpots can literally be fed by tens of thousands of games at once from players based all over the world. With more players spinning the reels online every single day, jackpots are rising at incredible speeds.

It’s possible to actually sit back and watch the dollars roll upwards on many of the most popular online slot jackpots. Even when you see a jackpot won by another player somewhere else, you shouldn’t be discouraged, as many jackpots are seeded, or begun, at a high level to begin with, and rise to dizzying heights in mere days or weeks.

Someone who knows that better than anyone is Leah A., who struck gold back in 2006 by hitting a £275,000 jackpot on the popular Major Millions slot. This kind of win wasn’t enough for Leah, however, who continued to play and just a few hours later made history by hitting the same jackpot again, this time for more than £160,000.

Important Slot Jackpot Reminders

  • Check to make sure how the jackpot is paid out. Some random jackpots pay the same, no matter the size of the bet, so you can win with just a minimum bet. Usually, though, it is best to play max credits in order to make sure you claim the full jackpot if you hit it.
  • Online progressive jackpots climb incredibly fast due to the unlimited number of players who can contribute to it around the world.
  • Most casinos don’t offer just one jackpot, but many different online slot jackpots. Decide which one you want to try and go for as some are easier to win than others.
  • The largest jackpots, and subsequently the most popular online jackpots slots, are Mega Moolah, Millionaire’s Club, and Arabian Nights.