Slot Tournaments

Once rare, slot tournaments are now common sights in both land-based and online casinos. Their increase in popularity likely stems from the fact that they give players a different sort of slots experience, which keeps the games fresh and exciting.

At online casinos, slot tournaments are frequently offered as promotions where the top players can win amazing cash or real-life prizes. An example of one of the biggest of them all was The Grand Slam of Slots at Microgaming casinos, which was held over 10 days in 2011. The regular prize pool topped out just under £300,000, with as much as £1.5 million in extra bonus prizes up for grabs as well.

While many casinos put their own individual touch on slot tournaments, most tournaments are either scheduled in advance or Sit ‘N Go style. Likewise, play can either be done in cash, or through special tournament chips or credits..

Scheduled Slot Tournaments

  • Start at a specific date and time and often require advanced registration.
  • Often offer special prizes and larger prize pools.
  • May take place regularly, such as every day or on a weekly basis.
  • Last anywhere from a few minutes to multiple days or even weeks.

Sit ‘N Go Slot Tournaments

  • Start as soon as they have the required number of entrants.
  • Often offer basic prizes and smaller prize pools.
  • Take place very frequently, often dozens of times per day.
  • Rarely last for more than one hour.

Cash Slot Tournaments

  • Play is done in cash with players using their own bankrolls.
  • Players keep any cash winnings from slot play in addition to prizes for the top finishers.
  • Final rankings can depend on how much was wagered, not on how much was won.
  • Often part of a larger promotion.

Chip Slot Tournaments

  • All players start with an equal amount of tournament credit or chips.
  • Prizes are only awarded for finishing in the top rankings.
  • Typical for Sit ‘N Go and new player slot tournaments.