Video Poker Jackpots

Although more commonly associated with slots, progressive jackpots fit perfectly into the world of video poker. Jackpots not only encourage people to play more, but make the game more thrilling by offering the chance to become rich in an instant. Typically, a royal flush, which is the highest possible hand, would pay out something like 4,000x the initial bet. While that is certainly not a number to scoff at, but given the incredibly low chances of hitting a royal flush, players might not feel that the payout reflects the accomplishment.

That is why game developers created versions of video poker with progressive jackpots, to give players the chance to truly cash in on their rare achievement. Jackpot video poker games aren’t just giving away money to anyone who manages to luck their way into a royal flush. It is imperative that you bet the maximum amount every time in order to qualify for the jackpot, or else your royal flush pays out normally according to the standard table.

However, it can be a bit tricky to actually find progressive jackpot video poker games online, as they don’t happen to have the convenient name of ‘Progressive Jackpot Video Poker’. They are out there though, so keep reading in order to learn about the largest and most accessible video poker jackpot games found in online casinos today.

Mega Jacks Video Poker Jackpot

The Playtech video poker jackpot game requires players to place an additional side bet in order to win the jackpot. However, the game itself is a 9/6 game, which means that it is good enough to be played even if you choose not to go after the progressive jackpot. Once the jackpot hits four digits, it makes more sense to play the side bet than not. The progressive jackpot is triggered when a player gets a royal flush while betting the maximum amount. Lower level wins allow the player to gamble in order to double their winnings, though that feature obviously isn’t supported when a player hits the jackpot. While this particular jackpot usually doesn’t get as high as others, its accessibility has made it extremely popular.

SupaJax Video Poker Jackpot

Whoever names things over at Microgaming should probably lay off the free drinks; that being said, SupaJax is one of the best progressive jackpot video poker games on the market today. The game itself is almost identical to the standard video poker game Jacks or Better, but includes the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot if the player makes the maximum five coin bet. Whenever a player makes a max bet, the SupaJax card is then added to the video poker deck. If your hand consists of four Jacks, plus the SupaJax card, you instantly win the SupaJax jackpot. It’s not a small win, either. This jackpot routinely climbs to more than £50,000 with some lucky winners claiming six figure jackpots.

Of course, the presence of the progressive jackpot means that the game itself pays out slightly lower than the 99%+ payouts normally found on Microgaming video poker games. It seems that doesn’t really bother players, though, as SupaJax continues to be one of the most often played video poker games at Microgaming casinos.

Super Jackpot Video Poker

Cryptologic has also developed its own progressive jackpot video poker game called Super Jackpot. This game is unique in that it comes in two varieties, a 25p version and a £1 version with both editions carrying their own jackpots. In order to win the jackpot, a player must bet the maximum amount and then get dealt a royal flush. The jackpot for the £1 version starts at a very attractive £1,250 and grows quickly from there.

Mathematically, players shouldn’t bother betting the maximum amount, making themselves eligible to hit the jackpot, until it reaches nearly £10,000, although that doesn’t seem to stop most people from going for it. With that said, the jackpot routinely grows to much more than £10,000, making a very exciting payday for the player lucky enough to hit it.